Pressure Regulator Dungs FRNG5065


Dungs Pressure Regulator as per EN 88-1

Spring-loaded pressure regulator with adjustable setpoint spring and defined counterspring.

  • Class: A
  • Group: 2
  • Din: 3380
  • EN: 12078

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Technical Description

Internal tap of regulator output pressure, external pulse and blower pressure connections prepared. Suitable for controlling regulator output pressure via a pneumatic command variable. Pressure regulator Dungs, type FRNG, has an adjustable setpoint spring and defined counterspring. The pressure regulator complies with EN 88-1 and DIN 3380.

  • Input pressures up to 50 mbar (5 kPa) for zero pressure applications
  • Input pressures up to 200 mbar (20 kPa) for proportional pressure applications
  • Bypass prepared, Rp 3/8 to Rp 2
  • Sturdy, precise and sensitive regulation of regulator output pressure
  • Inlet pressure compensation diaphragms
  • Safety diaphragms
  • Internal pulse for regulator output pressure as standard, external pulse connection prepared
  • Connection for blower pressure as standard
  • DN65

Additional information

Weight 5 kg