Woodward Engine Speed Governor


Woodward Engine Speed Governor O.E. P.N. 82090-184

The EPG is used control the speed of diesel, gas and gasoline engines. It can also control the speed of gas turbines. Installation of EPG actuators is simple because they require neither mechanical drive nor hydraulic supply.

Woodward Control EPG Speed

  • 24V Diesel 24 Vdc
  • 524 or 1724 SC for Natural Gas or Gasoline
  • w/Start Fuel Limit

This product may vary on delivery times, as factories do not guarantee production due to lack of raw materials.

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Woodward Control EPG Speed

THE EPG handles prime movers with mechanical loads and generator loads equally well. Generator sets wich will be paralleled, however, require additional appropriate switch gear, current and potential transformers, and the Woodward Generator Load Sensor.

An EPG is a three-component system, requiring a magnetic pickup, speed control and actuator.

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