TP90G5VNX86 Tedom Engine Propane


Tedom Engine Propane (Dwg N. 7000 848/xx)

The TEDOM Engines Division is the successor company of Liberecke Autobilove Zavody – LIAZ – that was originally established in 1953. The company underwent massive technical and operational development and became an internationally recognized company that exported its products successfully to many countries around the world.

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Additional information

Weight1000 kg

Coolant Heat Output

73,5 kW

Engine Type

TP 90 G5V NX 86 (7000 848/xx)

Engine Working Cycle

Four-Stroke, spark ignited, naturally aspirated, operating with lean mixture

Exhaust Gas Heat Output

80 kW


LPG (100% propane) according to CSN 65 6481 regulation

Peak Torque

567 Nm

Rated Speed

150 rpm

Rated Power

89 kW

Radiation Heat Power

11,5 kW