Altronic Control Unit 791950-16


The Altronic CPU-95 is a 24-VDCpowered, microprocessor-based digital ignition system designedfor application to medium-range industrial gas engines.The CPU-95 Ignition Module is typically mounted on or near the engine. This24-VDC-poweredmodule accepts andprocesses the input data derived from theengine-based pickups and anycontroldata being brought into the systemthrough the CPU-95 Display Module,TerminalProgram, or engine managementsystem.

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CPU-95 Ignition Module – 1 per system:
  • 791950-8 Ignition Module, 8 outputs, standard
  • 791950-16 Ignition Module, 16 outputs, standard
  • 791950-18 Ignition Module, 18 outputs, standard
  • Input Signals: Magnetic pickups, (1) ring gear teeth or drilled holes
    (1) reset (1/engine revolution)
    Hall-effect for compression stroke reference (4-cycle only)
  • Control Inputs: Shutdown
    Ground to activate Feature control (timing, energy, double-strike, VariSpark™)
  • Timing Control Inputs: Manual (display module keypad)
    Analog (4-20mA control signal)
    Digital (RS-485 serial data)
  • Output: 47kV maximum output voltage
    300–600 µs duration (791950/952/955)
    1000–2000 µs duration with VariSpark™ option (791958)
    Control Outputs: Normal fire confirm
    Solid State, NC switches Alarm fault
    Shutdown fault
  • Power Rqmt: 24VDC, 1–8 amps typ. (varies by application)
  • Temperature: -40°F to +158°F (-40°C to +70°C)

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