Waukesha Module Cec Ignition 740610A


Custom Engine Control CEC For:

  • Application: WAUKESHA VHP-16, VGF-16, ATGL-16 NEW

Waukesha’s Custom Engine Control® (CEC) Ignition Module (IM) provides accurate and reliable ignition timing for optimum stationary engine operation. The IM offers improved starting, smoother operation, and increased spark plug life. The IM is an electronic, microcircuit-based digital ignition system that is standard on VHP and VGF engines.

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When the IM is integrated with the CEC Detonation Sensing Module (DSM) system, the ignition system protects the engine from detonation and costly downtime, and maximizes power availability under adverse conditions. Together the IM and DSM form a protection system to extend life, optimize engine performance, and provide defense against engine detonation.

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