Loctite SI 5970


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Loctite SI 5970 has been designed specifically for gasketing applications. It withstands on line, low pressure tests carried out before product begins to cure. Typical applications
include stamped sheet metal covers (timing covers and oil sumps) where good oil resistance and the ability to withstand high joint-movement is required.

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  • Specific Gravity @ 25 °C 1.38 to 1.44LMS
  • Flash Point – See SDS
  • Extrusion Rate, g/min:
    • Pressure 0.62 MPa, time 15seconds, temperature 25 °C:
      • Semco Cartridge 40 to 80LMS


Surface Cure

LOCTITE® SI 5970™ becomes tack free on exposure to atmospheric moisture within 25 minutes at 23±2°C / 50±5%RH.

Cure Speed

The graph below shows shear strength developed with time on Aluminum lapshears at a bond gap of 0.5 mm. Cure condition 23±2 °C, 60±5% RH. Strength is determined according to ISO 4587.

Depth of Cure

The depth of cure depends on temperature and humidity. Depth of cure was measured on strip pulled from a ramped PTFE mold (maximum depth 10 mm). The graph below shows the increase in depth of cure with time at 23±2 °C / 50±5 % RH.


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