Loctite SF 7080 hygen spray

Loctite SF 7080 hygen spray


Loctite SF 7080 Eliminates bacteria and disinfects:

  • air conditioning systems
  • motor vehicles
  • closed industrial and domestic environments
  • high traffic areas
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Multi-purpose non-toxic disinfectant

The multipurpose disinfectant spray that eliminates bacteria, mold and fungi from fabrics and from surfaces, contaminated objects and air conditioning systems. In two practical formats, neutralizes any unpleasant odors caused by microorganisms by acting specifically on the responsible substrates and leaving a pleasant eucalyptus scent and menthol.

Quick and versatile, in a few minutes it guarantees total disinfection:

  • in air conditioning systems, in cars, offices or at home
  • to eliminate the smell of smoke from the fabrics
  • for those who love pets
  • for those who transport food
  • for car rentals, taxi drivers, used car dealers

Suggestion for use

  • Environments: deliver LOCTITE SF 7080 HYGIEN SPRAY PROFESSIONAL to the premises as a normal deodorant. Ventilate the room before staying there.
  • Vehicles: turn on the air conditioner with the air recirculation function activated, position the LOCTITE SF canister 7080 HYGIEN SPRAY PROFESSIONAL 150 ml inside the passenger compartment, activate the automatic emptying valve and let all the product come out. Ventilate the passenger compartment after the treatment.

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