KLCE-9 Kenco KLC Oil Level Control


Kenco oil level regulator OE.PN KLCE-9 S.P.D.T.

Application of Model KLC:

  • CFA
  • HMB
  • HRA
  • HCA
  • HLA
  • CAT 33/34 SERIES

To supply and control the amount of oil in the crankcase.

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Kenco oil level controllers are designed to control a constant oil level in the crankcase of stationaryengines,compressors,andmechanical lubricator boxes. The Kenco oil controller works inconjunction with anoverhead oil supply system which feeds the oil level controller. As the oil isconsumed, the oil controllersupplies the required oil. The oil controller controls the amount of oilin the crankcase by a float controlledvalve. Thevalve opens and closes as oil is needed in thecrankcase to provide a constant oil level.KLCE-9-FS is an oil level controller with an electric switch in an explosion proofenclosure with aslotted universal mounting adapter, with fire safe valves. A 1618low flow meter isalso installed inthis application.

Standard Materials of Construction:

  • Valve Seat: Nitrile (Fluorocarbon also available)
  • Housing and Valve
  • Orifice Material: Aluminum
  • Float Material: Closed Cell Polyurethane
  • Oil Inlet Screen: 20 Mesh Brass Cloth
  • Sight Window: U.V. Stabilized Clear Polycarbonate

Oil Inlet Specifications:

  • Static Head Pressure Range: 2–15 Feet
  • High Pressure Models:
  • HP-A: 5-35 psi
  • HP-B: 36-70 psi
  • Inlet Connection Size: 1/2” FNPT
  • Outlet Connection Size: 3/4” FNPT

Minimum Flow Rate Test Results: (Standard unit tested at 32°F, SAE 30)

  • 2’ Head: 1.141 GPH
  • 4’ Head: 2.122 GPH
  • 7’ Head: 2.853 GPH
  • 12’ Head: 3.043 GPH
  • (HP-A Unit Tested at 20°F, SAE 30)
  • 5 psi-0.163 GPH
  • 20 psi-0.266 GPH
  • (HP-B unit tested at 55°F, SAE 30)
  • 70 psi-0.277 GPH

Electrical Switch Data

  • Low Level Switch Trip Point-3/4′′ drop below centerline
  • Switch Ratings
  • 15 amp, 125/250/480 VAC
  • 0.5 amp, 125 VDC
  • 0.25 amp, 250 VDC
  • 1/8 hp, 125 VAC
  • 1/4 hp, 250 VAC
  • Maximum Temperature–180°F (82ºC)
  • Electrical Connection–1/2′′ FNPT
  • Standard Circuitry–Single Pole Double Throw
  • * CSA Approved Class I, Div.1, Div.2, Groups B, C, & D Hazardous Locations.
  • * ATEX Approved II 2 G EX d IIB + H2 T5

Additional information

Weight1,2 kg
Application Engines

Ariel, CAT, CAT 33/34 Series, CFA, Clarck MA, HCA, HLA, HMB, HRA, Waukesha, Waukesha VHP





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