15700149 – Murphy Lube Level Maintainer – LR857


Murphy Lube Level Maintainer

Murphy LR857 Lube Level Regulator maintains the crankcase oil level of an engine, pump or compressor. Adjusted to the correct running oil level, the LR857 will replenish oil as it is used. An integral, low-level switch will alarm and/or shut down the equipment, if supply oil is lost and the equipment continues to use oil.

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  • Inlet Connection: 5/8 in. (16 mm) I.D. hose
  • Outlet Connection: 3/8 NPT
  • Snap-switch: SPDT rating 10 A @ 125 VAC; 0.5 A @ 125 VDC;
  • 10 A @ 30 VDC
  • Conduit Connection: 1/2 NPT
  • Case: Die cast aluminum
  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Float: Brass

Thumb-Valve Operation

As the equipment uses oil, the float falls, providing immediate level compensation. At FULL position, thefloat holds the valve closed. If the clean oil supply is depleted and oil level continuesto fall, the low levelswitch will operate an alarm or equipment shutdown.

Optional Mounting Brackets And Fittings Kit

The (15000238) Pipe Bracket Kit fits a 7/8 in. (22 mm) diameter pipe. The (15010224) Universal Flange Kitallows various mounting methods. See Dimensions section on reverse side. The (15000420) Fittings Kitincludes the following: Quantity Description 1 1/4 in. (6 mm) O.D. copper cane tube (vent connection) 1 1/4in. (6 mm) tube x 1/4 male pipe fitting 1 1/2 in.(13 mm) I.D. hose fitting (outlet connection)

Flow Rates

Oil with 0.9 specific gravity @ 70°F (21°C)

Service Partsto quote separately

Part Number Description
15000159 Inlet Valve Assembly
15000100 Glass and Switch Assembly
15000161 Lid Assembly
15000941 Float Assembly (Brass-std)
15010224 Universal Flange Kit
15000238 Pipe Bracket Kit
15000420 Fittings Kit

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