10705147 Murphy Exhaust Pyrometers Model 00000956



  • Large sweep scales for maximum legibility
  • Internal illumination for night use
  • Accuracy: 2% full scale
  • Sealed housing
  • Ambient temperature compensation
  • Calibrated permanently at 2/3 scale
  • Flush type mounting on any plane

Product Specifications:

  • Part Number: 10705147
  • Dial Scale Single: 300 to 1300°F (150 to 700°C)* *Celsius
  • Dial Sweep: 100°
  • Accuracy: Full scale 2%
  • Illumination: Internal 12 or 24 VDC
  • Bezel: Polished stainless steel
  • Black bezel available. Special order
  • Case: PVC
  • Pointer(s): Fire Orange

Benefits of using a pyrometer:

  • Longer engine life
  • Better fuel economy
  • Less lubrication oil dilution
  • Lubrication oil stays clean much longer
  • Exhaust emissions drop to a minimum
  • Malfunctions indicated before
  • excessive damage occurs

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Excessive exhaust temperature is a major damaging factor to all engines. The best way to monitor this temperature is with the use of a pyrometer. Excessive exhaust temperature is caused by an upset fuel/air ratio or more fuel in the engine than there is air to support it. This condition can occur as a result of over throttling, a dirty air cleaner, different fuels, a malfunctioning fuel system, change of altitude, an out of tune engine and many other causes. But whatever the cause, a pyrometer indicates this condition before serious damage occurs.

The Murphy 300-1300F Single Port Pyrometer 10705147 (00000956) monitor exhaust temperatures in all types of engines. The can monitor each bank of a V-type engine, allowing you to compare readings at all times. Both pyrometers feature an easy-to-read illuminated dial with scales in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. They require no outside power (except for dial lighting). Spring loaded jewels and alloy pivots increase durability.

Murphy offers pyrometer accessories such as thermocouples and wire lead assembly suitable for stationary or mobile engines, power units, agricultural and construction equipment, as well as marine and trucking.

10705147 murphy temperature sensor

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