405-030 Thermocouple K Type


Thermocouple K Type Mineral Insultation

Termocouple K Type semi rigid thermocouples are ideal for all applications from simple temperature measurement to more arduous environments.

They have insulated junctions to prevent earth loops and can be formed to shape to suit particular applications without impairing performance. A pot seal which allows the transition to 1 metre PVC insulated leads is supplied as standard.

This product may vary on delivery times, as factories do not guarantee production due to lack of raw materials.

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Additional information

Weight0,005 kg


Color ON IEC Regulation

Ext. Green, + Green, – White

Isolated Aisi 310 (1100°C)

Diam. 6,0 mm x Lenght 100 mm

Resin Up

To 135° – 1m Isolation PVC Cable PVC (105°)

Transistion Plug Diam

12,7 mm x Lenght 29 mm