GE5-1 Denso Spark Plug


GE5-1 Denso Spark Plug.

Minimum order quantity: 12

GE5-1 Denso Iridium Saver Spark Plugs are a range of high efficiency, long-life spark plugs for gas engines that use Iridium technology to increase plug life and performance. The term Saver implies the reduction in maintenance costs achieved by the extended plug life in high pressure, lean-burn engines. Box Set of 4 spark plugs.

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GE5-1 Denso Spark Plug Technical specifications:

  • Reach: 19mm (3/4”)
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Applications: Industrial
  • Thread: M14x1,25
  • Seat Type: Gasket
  • Hex Spanner Size: 20.8mm (13/16”)
  • Centre Electrode: Iridium Saver
  • Ground Electrode: Platinum
  • Gap: 0.020” (0,50mm)
  • Weight: 0,06kg

GE5-1 Denso Spark Plug General properties:

  • Longer insulator design for best protection against sparkover
  • Suppression of electromagnetic interference
  • The ground electrode with copper core increases the electrical and mechanical load capacity
  • J-type electrode for improved combustion
  • High resistance to spark erosion

GE5-1 Denso Spark Plug Cross Reference:

  • Denso: GE5-1; GE3-5
  • Altronic: J1463DP
  • Bosch: 7311; 7315
  • Cat: 0104-3170; 0128-6238; 2N-2839; 4W-2256;
  • Champion: RN79G
  • Cummins: 4090121
  • Tenneco: 0 004 350 926
  • Federal Mogul/Beru: 14R-4CIU2 0,5 – Z205
  • Man: 51.25923-0050

GE5-1 Denso Spark Plug Application Engines:

  • Denso spark plug OE PN Ge5-1 suitable for Man E2866DUH03, Perkins various engine applicasion

Additional information

Weight0,06 kg


Iridium Saver

Hex Size

20,8 mm



Thread Size

M14 x 1,25 mm


0,50 mm, 0.020”